Our Way
We know investing isn't easy. Most people don't have the knowledge or time to invest their money
effectively, and top-notch financial advice has only been available to those who can meet account
minimums in the millions of dollars and afford paying high fees.
MultiWealth is changing that. We use Post Modern Portfolio Theory (PMPT), the gear carrying the
most reliable investment advice, and we are making it easily accessible to everyone. Our advanced
risk-assessment algorithms make it possible to get a precisely allocated investment plan custom-
built for you, and our intuitive Investment Dashboard makes it simple to track your investments.
​We use our proprietary plugin “Create your risk profile” based on MPT, and its goal is to maximize
the expected return on your portfolio, sustaining the level of investment risk comfortable for you.
Technology has made a difference by simplifying access to valuable, and sometimes invaluable,
information across a swath of industries. Now we are making the same difference about investment




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