Our Philosophy
The cornerstone of MultiWealth Advisors is the well-recognized model of Post Modern
Portfolio Theory (PMPT). Most scholars and investment professionals value PMPT as probably the
best approach to managing individual portfolios1. Until recently, rigorous PMPT-based financial
guidance has only been available from high-end financial advisors, who require the minimum size
of client accounts in the millions of dollars, and charge fees of 1% or higher.
What we do is democratize access to the benefits of PMPT via a service that is simple, free of charge,
financially rigorous and available to investors of any scale.
Money Management
As your investments grow, your portfolio composition may deviate from your optimal target
line-up. But the good news is that we continuously monitor your portfolio and rebalance your
investments when necessary to ensure the optimal return for your risk appetite.
Why is this important? Research has shown that continuously rebalanced portfolios on average
earn 0.4% more and bear less risks, than portfolios that are not closely monitored and rebalanced.
On a 10-year horizon, this 0.4% improvement brings more than 4% extra return, which can have a
significant impact on the value of your savings.
To learn more about how MultiWealth works, and the methodology it uses, click here.
Our Clients
Many of our clients come from the invest industry. They value the financial and technical rigor of
our platform, as well as the unparalleled level of transparency we're proud to provide. Regardless of
their backgrounds, our clients know that in the digital age, financial advice and management can —
and should — be managed with a new degree of precision.


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