Feb 03

3 Reasons To Buy Gold

By MultiplyWealth's Team

has been one of Wall Street’s best bets early in 2016

Nov 06

Sell Gold

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Gold takes a front-row seat for the U.S. election. Many traders on the exchange floor are speculating that a Mitt Romney win could continue to strengthen the dollar and could cause further sell-offs in commodities, including gold.

Nov 02

LTRO effect

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Europe is, supposedly, fixed: between the upcoming one year anniversary of the 3 year LTRO, which has flooded the continent in excess €1 trillion of liquidity...

Nov 01

Re-opened stock market does little for near-term trend

By MultiplyWealth's Team

  • In wake of Hurricane Sandy and two days of market closure, major indexes began trading again Wednesday, but only finished within range of even.

Oct 26

The PC market's new reality and its impact on tech stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The surprising tailspin in personal computer sales this year raises an array of questions for tech investors going forward. Shipments of PCs, including laptops and netbooks, fell more than 8% in the third quarter, the sharpest decline since 2001, according to reports by IDC and Gartner.

Oct 25

Global central bankers to the rescue!

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Despite very troubling conditions, equity markets in the third quarter of 2012 produced meaningful and broad gains.

Oct 24

PayPal's on fire - now does more than 2x the volume of eBay's marketplace

By MultiplyWealth's Team

eBay (EBAY) reported its third quarter earnings yesterday after market close and the results came in just above Wall Street’s expectations.

Oct 23

Investors are so worried that they won't make changes

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Americans are very worried they won’t have enough for retirement, but the majority are too scared to do much about it, according to a study of individual investors commissioned by Natixis Global Asset Management.

Oct 22

A key market warning is looking less scary

By MultiplyWealth's Team

One of the biggest warning signals for both the stock market and the economy is starting to look a little less threatening.

Oct 21

EBay revenue miss doesn't dampen holiday season expectations

By MultiplyWealth's Team

eBay posted lower-than-expected revenue this week, but it still provided anecdotal reasons to think the holiday shopping season might still be fairly strong.

Oct 20

U.S. credit may get downgraded again

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The U.S. is cruising toward another humiliating sovereign debt credit rating, according to Pacific Investment Management’s head of global portfolio management Scott Mather.

Oct 19

With all the government meddling it's hard to read this market

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The stock market continued to move higher in September as the Federal Reserve decided to experiment with additional bond buying.

Oct 18

The jobless claims market

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The weekly Initial Jobless Claims reading has done a pretty good job mirroring the movement in the US stock market since the bull market began in 2009.

Oct 17

Energy sector has a bright future regardless of next president

By MultiplyWealth's Team

This coming November, an onslaught of Americans will trudge down to the local polling station and make one of the most immensely important decisions they will make all year long.

Oct 16

The difference between a million and a billion dollars

By MultiplyWealth's Team

When reading over earnings reports, doing valuation assessments, or running any other financial analysis, it's sometimes hard to conceptualize the difference between two very large sums.

Oct 15

The chart that sold a big-time bear on stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Here is one chart that helps to explain the critical advantage of stocks over bonds over the past few years - it even appeals to a noted stock market skeptic.

Oct 14

Making sense of the latest market slide

By MultiplyWealth's Team

U.S. stocks just suffered their worst weekly drop in four months, although there are several indicators and factors that continue to make the case for long-term investments -- and perhaps even for buying market dips.

Oct 13

With market risks rising, we're staying cautious

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The markets are finding another base after months of climbing to multi-year highs.

Oct 12

Tilson: There's value in stocks, but don't chase them

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson at T2 Partners warned at the Value Investing Congress this week against doubling down on stocks following an already strong bull run.

Oct 11

Silver's rise may be bullish for stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The rising price of silver is giving a strong, healthy signal for U.S. stocks.

Oct 10

Platinum/Gold ratio shows economic worries linger

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Economic worries have ebbed since August, but have yet to improve to the best levels of 2012 based on the all-important platinum/gold ratio.

Oct 09

Investing in the time of big bazooka central banking

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The third quarter could be summed up in two words: “Big Bazooka.”

Oct 08

If you removed Apple, where would the market be now?

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Hedge fund analyst Jonathan Moore ran an interesting experiment to see just how large Apple's impact has been on the market rally over the past few years.

Oct 07

Investors' biggest mistake: Being too cautious

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Wall Street Journal poll reveals that by a large margin, investors believe their biggest mistake is being too cautious in the markets.

Oct 06

The Russell 2000 could give us a very important market cue

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The Russell 2000 may give us cue as to whether the S&P 500 and other major U.S. indexes will reach all-time highs in the coming months.

Oct 05

The one picture that makes a very bullish argument

By MultiplyWealth's Team

In one chart, here is why stocks may not be overvalued even after more than doubling off the 2009 lows and may still offer better value than bonds.

Oct 03

Belski: Stock fundamentals still look very good

By MultiplyWealth's Team

BMO's chief investment strategist Brian Belski sees possible near-term pain, but more long-term gains for U.S. stocks.

Oct 02

Barclays says don’t fight the Fed

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The Fed and the ECB economic stimulus packages are giving the buy signal for risky asset classes, according to the latest quarterly research update from Barclays.

Oct 01

The most important stock chart in the world

By MultiplyWealth's Team

This just might be the most important stock market chart in the world:

Sep 30

The importance of a second opinion in investing

By MultiplyWealth's Team

A second opinion. It’s often sought for medical advice, but not very often when it comes to investing decisions.

Sep 28

Why the quality of the stock rally has improved

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Crummy market breadth is no longer a source of market concern.

Sep 27

The Fed and ECB's biggest weapon is the stock market

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Recently, the  US unemployment dropped to 8.1% on anemic job growth due to a continued shrinking of the labor participation rate.

Sep 26

The market's low PE may be deceptive

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Price-to-earnings ratios look historically cheap, but that measure may also be deceptive.

Sep 25

Positive surprises could trigger another leg higher for stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The markets continue to focus on macro events including Bernanke's Jackson Hole speech, the ongoing summits in Europe, the election, fiscal cliff, and the subpar economic expansion.

Sep 24

It's officially a risk-on market

By MultiplyWealth's Team

It’s a “risk-on” market right now with the S&P 500 near four-year highs and several market indices showing growing investor willingness to take on risk.

Sep 23

Middle East conflict could be a real market danger

By MultiplyWealth's Team

No matter how well things are going in the markets, there can be hidden dangers.

Sep 22

The fiscal cliff might not be a steep drop for stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The fiscal cliff might not be a disaster for dividend stock investors after all, suggests James Morrow, portfolio manager at Fidelity, in a new Fidelity Viewpoints editorial.

Sep 21

Most investors don't know stocks are surging

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Did you know that the S&P 500 is up 16% so far this year and has more than doubled off the 2009 lows?

Sep 20

The one chart to watch for a BRIC turnaround

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The BRICs have been such a poorly performing investment the past two years that they are worth watching as an eventual turnaround play.

Sep 19

Here’s the math on how the new iPhone could boost GDP

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The just-released Apple (AAPL) iPhone has the power to boost the overall U.S. economy, according to JP Morgan analysts.

Sep 18

Three reasons QE3 will have a strong impact

By MultiplyWealth's Team

There are three reasons to think that the Fed’s latest fiscal stimulus announcement  will be impactful and that it could do more for the economy and perhaps the stock market than even its second round of stimulus in 2010.

Sep 17

Gen Z: The money won't fall in your lap

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Gen Z: Many people age 22 or younger have a laissez-faire attitude toward money. They expect to inherit it.

Sep 16

Does the authority on recessions have it wrong?

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Lakshman Achuthan of The Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) has reiterated his call that the U.S. is probably in recession right now.

Sep 15

Why retirees still need to hold stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

If you’re a retiree, you probably still need stocks as a big chunk of your investments.

People make mistake of dropping stocks completely at age 55 or 60, says Susan Garland, editor of the Kiplinger’s Retirement Report.

Sep 14

The only thing we have to fear...

By MultiplyWealth's Team

It’s been said that a human is born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  Every other fear is acquired.

Sep 13

This extraordinary low yield moment

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Via Ralph Dillon at Global Financial Data, here's a long term chart of the dividend yield on U.S. equities (in red) plotted against 10 year U.S. Treasury bond yield (in blue). Click for a much larger version:

Sep 12

Hedge funds are having another terrible year

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Two reports released last week indicate that hedge funds in aggregate are performing very poorly so far in 2012.

Sep 11

Some props for Ben Bernanke and the FOMC

By MultiplyWealth's Team

I never thought I would say this, but Ben Bernanke is looking very smart right now with his wait-and-see approach to turning on more economic stimulus.

Sep 10

What the latest FedEx news is saying about stocks and the economy

By MultiplyWealth's Team

A profit warning from any one company is rarely a danger sign for the entire economy and the stock market.

Sep 09

The one big reason this surprising rally may have staying power

By MultiplyWealth's Team

We are far from a level of market euphoria -- one important reason to think that this surprising stock market can rise even higher.

Sep 08

The euro zone bailout plan has real meat on the bone

By MultiplyWealth's Team

ECB chief Mario Draghi’s announced bailout plan this week is not a cure-all for the European debt crisis, but it has real substance.

Sep 07

A diversified portfolio: Then versus now

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Many investors’ portfolios have suffered sharp losses in the past few months following unexpectedly bad news flow regarding - among other things - a “Grexit”,  slow global growth, and continued high U.S. unemployment.

Sep 05

A lost decade for Chinese stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

As Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao prepare to hand over leadership to a new generation in the fall, the economic news on the mainland continues to be worrisome.

Sep 04

The market for exchange-traded funds has been on a tear and it isn’t losing steam.

By MultiplyWealth's Team

According to Credit Suisse, this could turn out to be the best year yet for ETF products, with a record $82 billion in net inflows through the first 6 months of the year.

Sep 04

Why Facebook may be one of the best large-cap tech stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Piper Jaffray analysts think that Facebook (FB) may be one of the best large-cap tech stocks to own and are trading at a deep discount to future growth.

Sep 03

August: Another bad month for dividend stocks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The average stock in the S&P 500 gained just over 3% in August. But there was a pretty big discrepency in performance between high yielders and low or no yielders.

Sep 02

Yelp: A lesson about investing with the crowd

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Yelp shares showed this week how dangerous it can be to invest with the crowd.

Sep 01

Why jobs may be the trigger for QE3

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The Ben Bernanke Jackson Hole speech this week is being seen as a letdown. It did not offer a blatant hint about when the Fed might implement more quantitative easing -- a move that could help bolster the stock market, as well as the economy.

Aug 31

Why investors are wide-eyed about Apple's forward growth

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Ben Walsh and the data team at Thomson Reuters put together an amazing chart that puts Apple’s ascent to the most valuable company ever into some perspective.

Aug 30

Volume worries? Put them to rest

By MultiplyWealth's Team

There are far more important things to worry about than low market volumes.

The relatively low amount of trading in recent months has some investors in a tizzy. The concern is that a low-volume rally -- like the kind we've seen since early June -- doesn't have all that much staying power.

Aug 29

What happens to dividend stocks if Bill Gross is right and bond yields soon rise

By MultiplyWealth's Team

 Bill Gross at PIMCO, the world’s largest bond fund manager, says that 10-year Treasury yields will soon bottom out, which if true could impact dividend-paying stock prices.

Aug 28

Facebook is on watch for an 'F' grade in governance

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Facebook is now on watch and could be dropped to a failing grade for corporate governance by GMI Ratings.

Aug 27

Is Silver Pricing In The Next Monetary Supernova, Or Will It Be The Cause?

By MultiplyWealth's Team

If the pricing in the world's commodity and financial markets accurately reflected anything but the culmination of decisions made by high frequency trading systems, then the recent price action in the silver market might have something meaningful behind it. In an alternative parallel universe, the recent rally in silver might actually be 'pricing in' the next major monetary event.

Aug 26

A Mindless Way To Beat The S&P 500

By MultiplyWealth's Team

As the story goes all of the world's creatures walked two by two onto the ark to escape the floods. There were innumerable species and so many incredible differences, yet they all had some common characteristics.

Aug 25

Staying defensive with consumer staples, utilities and health care

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The markets continue to respond to macro events, such as the developments in Europe, and the slowing growth (still positive, but weak) here in the U.S. Recent data suggest that housing may be doing a bit better, but overall, most economic indicators are trending poorly.

Aug 23

The three key sentences that say QE3 is coming

By MultiplyWealth's Team

QE3 could come as soon as next month, if you read the tea leaves of this week’s FOMC minutes.


Aug 22

Right now, safety is expensive and risk is relatively cheap

By MultiplyWealth's Team

The capital markets continue down their uncertain saw-tooth path, alternating between fear induced flight-to-quality and greed-seeded pops in global equity indices.

Aug 21

Is the Bond Market Showing Confidence These Days?

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Another ratio using similar data can also be used in situations like this. It is called the "Liquidity Ratio" calculated by dividing the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds by the yield on Moody's Aaa industrial bonds. A higher ratio shows that the financial markets are "more liquid" since the ratio of yields is narrower. Funds are getting into the Aaa market as well as into the government market.

Aug 20

Will Gold Go To $3,000 No Matter Who Wins In November?

By MultiplyWealth's Team

According to Mr. Greeley, the fiscal crises the country faces today were predicted 10 years ago because they were built into the Bush tax cuts. Experts arguing against the tax cuts at the time predicted $1 trillion deficits in 10 years, and, that is exactly what happened.

Aug 18


By MultiplyWealth's Team

The S&P 500 is at its 2012 highs, and rapidly approaching all time highs, even as nothing has chan

Aug 16

Tax rates

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Effective tax rates are always lower than top income tax rates, due to credits, deductions and exemp

Aug 15

John Mattio

By MultiplyWealth's Team

I'd now like to turn the conference to over, John Mattio. Please go ahead, sir. John Mattio - SVP, M

Aug 15

Managers Unload Banks

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Mr. Ackman hasn't disclosed specific intentions for P&G but said he is interested in meeting P&G Cha

Aug 14

A. Merkel

By Alexey Mikhaylov

AS THE euro crisis intensifies, our correspondents discuss how a break-up might work and why Angela

Aug 14

Presidential election cycle

By MultiplyWealth's Team

Instead, the main risk here is deflation. Deflation would eliminate the negative real rate condition

Aug 01


By MultiplyWealth's Team

The Fed says that the economy is slowing, but Bernanke stands pat

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