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What we do is making asset allocation based on Post Modern Portfolio Theory via a service that is simple, free of charge, financially rigorous and available to investors of any scale

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The global stock market is often volatile. If your entire investment portfolio lost 10% of its value in a month during a market decline, what would you do?

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What we do better than all

Democratizing access

Democratizing access

The cornerstone of Multiply Wealth Investment Advisor is the well-recognized model of Modern Portfolio Theory

Free of charge

Free of charge

Unlike traditional financial advisors, who charge annual fees of at least 1.0%, we do not require the advisory fee

Money management

Money management

We continuously monitor your portfolio and rebalance your investments when necessary to ensure the optimal return for your risk appetite

“MultiWealth is an astute and seasoned financial services professional, consultant and practitioner. MultiWealth's experience which cuts across: negotiation, financial and stock markets knowledge, marketing materials preparation, financial statements understanding and complex problem solving, provides him with deep insight needed to take on bigger responsibilities. MultiWealth CEO – Alexey Mikhaylov possesses strong leadership skills and has the infectious ability to inspire people when working on complex issues.”

July 18, 2012 Onyekachi Nwosu, Chief Reputation Strategist, Harness & Alban

“Financial Advice from MultiWealth is the best advice you can get! & you got to check out the amazing way of making the advisory fee absent! Unbelievable but true!”

July 25, 2012 Arnab Boral, Head-Conference Production, Global Strategy Exchange


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